Saturday, 27 September 2014

What Computer Science Internships Are and Who Can Benefit

Computer science is a field that presents plenty of competition for those majoring in that. Competition means that one needs to be at the top of their game in order to land the best jobs. There are many schools that offer computer science as a major. This means that there are many well educated people in this field.

If so many people possess about the same of knowledge in the subject, what can make one individual stand out amongst the crowd? That answer to that would be: experience. Employers look to hire individuals who are already skilled and experienced and ready to take up a position with their company.

Internships help students who have just graduated or are nearing graduation get the experience they need in order to succeed in the computer science field. An Summer Internship 2015 in Jaipur is a program in which a student is given a job (sometimes paid, sometimes not) at a company in their chosen career field. This must be applied for and are usually given to students who can demonstrate that they deserve the position. This is where exemplary resumes and portfolios become important.

There are some skills that are very sought after by employers. These are skills that interns may want to possess in order to land an internship and potentially a job. Some of these skills may be things such as communication, organization, and the ability to work individually or sometimes as a team.

There may be some more advanced requirements like the knowledge of high level programming languages like Java, Pearl, C/C++, or Visual Basic and Networking Course like Openstack, Cloud Computing, Bigdata Hadoop, Python, RHCE, CCNA, Cisco and Many More high end Networking and Development Technology. These are just a few of the numerous programs available for interns to know about. The more an intern can know before starting the job, the better.

When an intern begins an internship, treating it as an actual job is quite important. It essentially is a job, be it paid or not. The intern will learn what it takes to actually be in that position. Therefore an intern may find it most beneficial if he/she treats the internship as an actual job. This mentality may help out in the long run since employers will then be able to judge how serious the intern takes the opportunity provided. Some may even offer the intern an actual full time job after they complete the internship and/or graduate.

The employer, however, is not the only one with expectations and requirements for the intern. If taken for college credit, the intern may be required to write a report and/or give a presentation about everything that they did and learned during the internship. By going through an internship, a student can prepare for real work.

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