Thursday, 26 January 2017

Summer Industrial Training 2017 for C.S.E.

Summer Training is the easiest way to upgrade your IT skill and knowledge to get a chance to work with top IT companies. Companies required trained IT professional who can work easily work on their project. There are lots of technologies available to make your career. If you are an engineering student or pursuing graduate/post-graduate in IT then you may have already heard the term Industrial Training. Summer Industrial Training is important and essential because it is the best way to gain as much technical knowledge about technologies. As an IT/engineering student, training could help you to learn how to implement the concepts and use on live project. Actual challenges appear when one has to develop real-world software. Training develops confidence in whatever we have learnt. After completing training one will feel much confident about his field. One has got ample scope and opportunity to learn about the latest technology, their implementation in the practical world and to clear their doubts during this Summer Industrial Training. 

LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Ltd. is providing Summer Industrial Training on various technologies like Cloud Computing, Big Data Hadoop, DevOps, Docker, Splunk, Linux, Python and Many More technologies. We offer some training programs, designed for students, which can be done in summer holidays. Summer training program is aimed for those students who want to utilize the summer holiday season to extend their technical skill set. Summer training is the best opportunity for students to learn technical fundamental while working practically on live project based on their technology. Because it always easy to learn anything while working practically on it.

Summer Training refers to the real time technical training provided to computer science students with a technical degree.

The main purpose of Summer Training is gaining experience, Training on good technologies adds weight to your resume and it builds up self-confidence. Training also helps you to makes preferred by other. 


  1. Excellent explaination about the summer training. Really Appreciable!

  2. Indian Cyber Army is now coming up with Summer Internship in “Ethical hacking & Cyber Crime Investigation”. Candidates have to get themselves registered to be a part of this Summer Internship program starting from 15th June. Here you will acknowledge the tact to observe cyber crime and tricks to fight against it. The internship content is especially designed by Indian Cyber Army’s expert for aspiring hackers and cyber security geeks.